Be Wary of Pest Control Pesticides While Pregnant

Expectant mothers are wary about pests around the house but are unable to do something about it. The first trimester is a critical phase in the development of the child’s brain, and it is unwise to risk the health of the mother and baby. It is dangerous for the growing baby inside their wombs to be exposed to harmful chemicals.

As much as possible, you should stay away from pesticides. However, if the pests are getting out of hand and are causing undue stress to your pregnancy, you should not think twice and consult with a professional pest control service to solve your pest problems. Ideally, non-chemical pest control, such as traps, should be used to prevent chemical exposure of the mother and child.

As a precaution, remember that you need to leave your home during the pest control application. You should allow enough time for the chemicals to subside before you return. Our preferred partners in pest treatment recommend a few additional steps to keep your home safe after pest control application:

  • Before the pest control activity, put utensils, drinking water and food away to avoid pesticide contamination.
  • Keep the room well-ventilated after the pest control application.
  • Carefully wipe down the areas where you usually prepare food to remove any chemical that may have settled.

You should be aware that these chemicals are used almost everywhere, like in farms or even homes, and places you usually visit. If your house is near an agricultural area, it is advisable to temporarily move to a safer location to avoid long-term pesticide exposure during your pregnancy. You should also avoid using over-the-counter insect repellents because they are harmful as well.

You should also be careful of pesticides that claim that they are organic or natural because they are not generally safe, too. You should know that even if they are organic, its composition could still affect the child in your womb. Best to steer away from handling chemicals while you are pregnant to be on the safe side.

Not to scare you, but the effects of pesticide exposure could lead to several inborn conditions such as cleft palate, neural tube defects, heart defect, and limb defect. Children exposed to pesticides has a high risk of leukemia, too.

So, please be wary of using or being exposed to pesticides during your pregnancy. The health of your child is in your hands. If there is really an urgent need, remember to get the services of professional pest control companies and temporarily vacate the place where the pest control activity will be held.

We all want a stress-free and healthy pregnancy, so we hope that you heed this advice. Never leave anything to chance when it is health that’s on the line. Both you and your child need to have good health to enjoy life to the fullest.