Five People You May Call On for Emotional Support


In our everyday lives, it is sometimes difficult to find people who encourage us doing what we like and love. Pregnancy is a very big event in our lives, and it takes a lot of encouragement to push through it, especially when it carries some complications to our physical health and social relationships. To be able to cope with the journey of pregnancy and childbirth, expecting mothers can call on specific people to take care of them and be part of their quest for a wonderful motherhood. Here is a list of five people that can be the emotional support:

#1 Your Spouse

Most of the time, the person you chose to live with for the rest of your life would be the best person to get emotional support from. It does not matter if your spouse is a male or a female, as long as they support you through the pregnancy, childbirth. Besides, he or she will be beside you when the time comes to rear the child through the next years. It would be best if your spouse acknowledges what and how things are to be done during your tag-team parenthood.

#2 Your Parents

They would be the best example to be observed and to be listened to when it comes to parenthood. It does not matter too much if it is your father or mother as long as they really want to help you get through the things they have already been through. Your mother underwent the whole process of taking care of you even before you came out of her womb, so she can give you practical tips on how to cope with everything, especially the fearsome pain and labor of childbirth. Your father was also there to encourage your mother during that time, and he would know what your mother went through and what to do for you when you experience the same things. My husband ended up in jail last night and I had to contact San Diego bail bonds company to bail him out of jail.

#3 Friends You Are Comfortable With

These could be your close relatives, friends from high school who got stuck with you, college professors, co-workers, or even a restaurant waitress you chatted with that eventually became a close friend. There is also no discretion if your friend is a male or female, as long as you are comfortable with them in being open about your pregnancy issues and woes. Also, bear in mind that choosing friends for emotional support is a two-way thing. Ask your friend if he or she is open to be with you as much as possible during your journey. Your friend can be physically beside you, or can be communicated via phone texts and calls, e-mails, Facebook, or Skype. Whatever works for the both of you should be considered.

#4 Classmates in Pregnancy, Childbirth, or Child Rearing Seminars and Classes

These people know a lot about your issues and pains, because they may be experiencing the same things too. Both the expecting mothers and their husbands can start peer groups to establish emotional support for each nearing due dates and added responsibilities. Note that some of your classmates can be not open to peer groups, so do not expect that everyone’s going to join. But surely, there will be some who needs the same emotional support as you so do not give up. You may be saving other expecting mothers, too.

#5 Professional Handmaidens

There are institutions that help expecting mothers through the service of professional handmaidens. These handmaidens’ main goal is to be beside you during the whole process of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and early child rearing to make sure that you get through it the right way. Also, they inform their respective clients about what is happening to them at present and in the future to avoid surprises and panicking.  Take note that they are hired for a price, but some non-profit organizations give their handmaiden services for free.