How To Stay Stress-free During Pregnancy

This morning, I was happily enjoying my breakfast when the electricity suddenly shut down. I checked the neighborhood, and it seems that they were not suffering like me because I could still hear their TVs.

Such bad timing! I could have quickly called my husband, but he went to the office early for his big presentation. I know he will come to my rescue anytime, but I did not want to disturb him. Not today.

My happiness got zapped instantly thinking of all the things I cannot do without electricity. I even forgot to charge my power bank! I was all alone with a big belly, and I was not up to go busted-wire hunting all over the house. My stress level was surging high, and I needed to calm myself or I might have a contraction.

My presence of mind kicked in, and I immediately searched for the website of the nearest electrician to our house. There are a lot of electrical service providers in Atlanta, so I picked the one that guarantees the fastest turnaround time. I was happy that they prioritized me knowing that I am pregnant. The electricity was back in a flash. Stress level went back to zero.

Okay, mommas. I hope you do not have to go through the same experience. But if you do, keep your head clear so that you can find a solution. Remember, stress is not good for our precious baby and us.

So here are other stress-busting tips to keep us sane during our pregnancy.

Know your triggers

You need to know what causes your stress so that you can stay away from it. As they say, we should always choose our battles. So if it is just a pet peeve, just shrug it off and keep your vow to make your day stress-free. I know it’s not easy. But being conscious of our stressors could help us to stop it before it takes hold of us.

Keep a healthy Lifestyle

Exercise regularly. Eat healthily. Get plenty of sleep. I’m sure you know the drill. Keeping a healthy lifestyle make us strong in body and mind. Stress cannot penetrate the mind that is disciplined and wise.


Carrying a baby inside of you is enough weight to make you exhausted throughout the day, so it is important to rest. We all have something to keep us busy but feeling tired is our body’s way of reminding us to rest. If phones need to recharge, so do humans. You will find yourself ready to conquer the world again after you take a breather.


Taking long deep breaths can help remove excess carbon dioxide in your lungs. Focusing on each breath can take away the things bothering your mind. It is a good idea to couple each breath with a prayer.


Sometimes talking to a professional can guide you to release whatever stress is bothering you. A therapist can help you find a healthy way to cope with your stress.