Is Carpet Cleaning Okay When You’re Pregnant?

It pays to be extra cautious when you decide on what activities you should engage in while you are pregnant. First, you need to be picky with the food you eat. Second, you need to be careful in your activities. Then, this decision on whether to clean or not to clean.

It is hard to second-guess yourself, but it will be better to err on the safe side than do something that can cause irreversible damage to you and your baby. But it doesn’t mean that you will put cleaning in the back seat and pray that the dirt will take care of itself.

I’ve asked my local rug cleaner if doing carpet cleaning safe for pregnant women? He said that the answer lies in the use of chemical cleaning products. Harmful chemicals are a no-no during your pregnancy. The carpet cleaners should be able to advise you on the safety of the product they will use.

If the carpet cleaning cannot be put off especially if you see molds, you may decide to stay away from your house while the professional carpet cleaning is on-going. It will give you peace of mind, and you can spend that time to bond with your families and friends. Don’t forget to allow more than enough time for your carpet to dry before you return home.

Other cleaning activities should be okay as long as it is not too tasking on you and you have a good ventilation around your house. Your partner should also man-up and help clean your house.

There are natural cleaning household materials that you can use instead of regular cleaning detergents. Here are some great concoctions:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide + Water
  • Mix one part Hydrogen peroxide to eight parts of water to remove stains from your laundry.
  • Vinegar + Water
  • Combine the same amount of vinegar and water in a spritzer. You can use this as your multi-purpose cleaner for your kitchen and bathroom.
  • Baking Soda
  • Wipe your tub with a rag moistened with vinegar. Then sprinkle baking soda on the tub, leave for a few moments then wipe away with the vinegar-soaked rug.

Always wear gloves when you do any cleaning job to protect your hands.

Please take note of these additional reminders to keep your house clean.

  • Never wear your outside shoes in your house. Make it a practice for everyone in your house. You do not have to go bare feet, just prepare another pair of slippers or shoes that are strictly for indoor use only.
  • Leave the heavy lifting to someone else. You might be tempted to move furniture especially when the nesting instinct attacks. Stop yourself to prevent causing injuries to yourself of your baby.

Cleaning is a regular part of our life, but do not overdo it. Take rests in between and never stress yourself. Be safe always.