Practical Birth

According to the United Nations Population Division and other credible international statistics and demography institutions, the average woman gives birth to 2-3 children during their whole lifetime. Furthermore, the countries with the highest fertility rates announced that the average women in their areas usually give birth to 7-8 children during their whole lifetime. Giving birth is a natural process in human life, and it is necessary for continuing the entire human race. However, the journey of giving birth is a challenging one.

Mothers who are going to give birth for the first time, and even those who have given birth before may have not prepared themselves for giving birth. They might not have been prepared for the pregnancy itself, and there is also the postpartum to go through after all the expensive medical check-ups, labor, and other weakening dangers of giving birth. It is not right to say that a pregnant woman is a female and she should just live with it because it is her job as a female. Everyone around her should support her and help her get through the long process of being a mother, but she should also help herself.

At present, there are many books, magazines, articles, seminars, and even classes all for the sake of getting the expecting mothers prepared for the childbirth and motherhood. Some of these include the mothers’ husbands so they could work as teams during the time of the journey towards parenthood. The World Health Organization and other similarly-goaled institutions release books, journals, and pamphlets on practical guidelines regarding childbirth and what the mother and her caregiver/s should and should not do before, during, and after the birthing process.

In line with that, Holistic Pregnancy promotes the need for expecting mothers to prepare for their life’s most wonderful and exhilarating rite of passage, and the need for their husbands, families, and friends to support her all the way. This website provides information, guidelines, and tips for all those who need them at present, and those who also are planning to join the league of parenthood.