The Art of Birth

Universally, child birth is seen as a natural female-centered activity wrapped in the field of science. It involves thousands of years’ worth of observation, theories, studies, operations, and research, so there is no question that it is a part of science, and science is a part of it.

But amidst the clinking of surgery tools and formulating new artificial milk formulas, somehow we lost another part of this significant rite of passage: the art of birth. We seem to forget that childbirth is not a one-time-big-time event. Before childbirth, we start with the many months of pregnancy, hours or days of labor, giving birth itself, seeing and feeling the baby for the first time, breastfeeding, and so on. During those times the expecting mother is not in the hospital for her regular check-up, what happens to her? What does she do when she feels the baby moving inside her? What does she feel before, during, and after childbirth? Does she fear the concept of giving birth?

It is time to give more concern to these questions again. Various contemporary researches have yielded the unanimous conclusion that addressing these questions and acting on them can reduce the risks or dangers of pregnancy and childbirth. Expecting mothers should be given the right to express their thoughts and feelings to the people around them, and these people should help address her issues and concerns. The expecting mothers should also be guaranteed a natural and pleasing experience during the course of their pregnancy, and their motherhood in general.

Holistic Pregnancy believes that expecting mothers together with their spouses, families, friends, and medical supports should work as a team to make the whole journey of giving birth easy, wonderful, and risk-free. For more details on how to make this work, please read the articles we are going to regularly post regarding information, practical guidelines, and tips about childbirth.